SayQL™ is Cognal’s flagship product, getting immediate exact answers through Natural Language user requests against target subject areas that map to actual databases.

SayQL gets exact and immediate answers from any SQL-compliant database. It has been successfully tested against a variety of relational databases running in SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, and even against Big Data sources that support SQL.

Of course all search engines and “personal assistant” products allow users to speak or type in Natural Language. These products fail to product exact answers, though, because they don’t actually generate SQL commands like SayQL does. Cognal Labs’ Testing Laboratory ranks NL products trying to get answers from a database by a metric of a ratio of “successful requests” (those that returned the correct answer) out of “total attempts tried”. All current search engines and personal assistants that Cognal Labs tested were below a 40% success ratio – well below an acceptable level for most users.

Cognal has several “early adopter clients” testing the product. The company is testingSayQL running on a popular Major League Baseball database and will commercially release a variety of “Exact Sports Facts” mobile apps in a few weeks, again starting with baseball, then football and other sports databases. Also an exciting Sports Game, called Guess-A-List, from Solutia Consulting, is being tested.

Currently the “success ratio” of tests against its baseball database is around 65% for average sports fans and around 75% for “stats experts”, not at the level of 85%+ the company thinks it will achieve with its Cognitive Natural Language technology over the next few weeks. Note: the success ratio will probably never be 100% for a particular database, because some perfectly legitimate query about the general Subject Area (like “baseball”) may only be found at a “granular level” not supported by that particular database. (See the “Technology” section on the website for more details).

  Cognal’s Natural Language Mobile Breaktrhough 

SayQL’s ability to let users speak an ad hoc request on a mobile device and get exact, immediate answers is a breakthrough that most users want – they definitely don’t want to type the request on a mobile phone. And they definitely want “exact” answers, not reams of other links to click through or misunderstood ‘guesstimates” of what they are stating or asking.

Cognal Labs is seeking beta users for its final user test program running against its “Intelligized” baseball database. Interested parties can contact the company on the Contact page and for subject type “Beta Test”.</>