CognalSchema: Semantic and Concept Metadata in Context


CognalSchema™ is Cognal’s core set of Ontologies (concepts and semantics), organized in a hierarchy of Subject Areas with the most abstract Ontology (CognalTerms) concepts and semantic phrases being the “parent” object of less general Subject Areas, which in turn are parent objects “up the chain” to finally map to concrete Subject Area data sources.

When “Cognalizing” a database, a user identifies “parent ontology objects” for common terms that describe conceptual terms in a Subject Area. A hierarchy of ontology entities and attributes map directly or indirectly, through inferencing, to entities (table-names) or attributes (column-names) in a database.

CognalSchema is Open Source

CognalSchema is an open-source taxonomy of Semantic Models and Ontologies.
Cognal offers its “Cognal Studio” to power users trained as “admins” to correct attempted user requests that for some reason were not understood by its Natural Language Understanding unit.