SayTrieve (Future)

SayTrieve, Cognal’s future Personal Assistant

Personal assistants (PAs), such as siri, are strictly “binary” in nature: they either work (get the correct fact) or fail completely. Cognal’s cognitive Natural Language technology uniquely overcomes this problem with its “Teach the Computer” methodology (described in the “Technology” section). In designing its PA, Cognal has combined two technology breakthroughs to solve the two major problems in speech-directed mobile Personal Assistants : its SpeechExact product greatly improves the Speech Recognition component, while its Cognal NL technology produces a much higher rate of “Natural Language comprehension”. This unique technology combination puts SayTrieve™ ahead of other personal assistants. And being heuristic, the more this Assistant is used the higher the percentage of exact answers becomes.

Personal assistants should be “consistently correct”: i.e., should produce the exact result its user is requesting with a high ratio of successful results to attempts.
Particularly with mobile data search, personal assistants that are based on a heuristic cognitive technology, like SayTrieve, will be preferred.

SayTrieve benefits

  • Free usage for mobile users
  • Gets exact answers from a known subject area database
  • Scans feeds from other sources for non-structured queries (Google, etc)
  • Gets exact answers from targeted subject areas at a much higher percentage of attempts than other personal assistant products
  • Rapidly learns more and more phrases, with increasing higher success ratio of attempts